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We could continue to describe the superior tree care and landscaping services offered by The Arborist Inc. of Bedford Hills, New York, but we'd rather have you hear from other customers. Read the following reviews. 

"For the past nine years, I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Marino and his team at The Arborist Inc. When I purchased my property it had been completely let go and I needed a tree service that could help me to realize the potential of what I had without breaking the bank. Over the course of many years, they have patiently worked with me to thin out the wooded areas, remove stumps and cut up trees, maintain the specimen trees, and when necessary, deal with trees that have fallen or been damaged by storms. Whenever I have called, Dan has always come in a very timely manner and done the work exactly to my specification at the most competitive prices. I therefore highly recommend The Arborist Inc. In my opinion there is no one better in the Tri-State Area."
- Victoria B., Mt. Kisco, N.Y.

"I have known and worked with Dan Marino for more than 20 years. Because of his knowledge of professional tree care and his insistence on perfection, I have used him exclusively for tree care on the properties of my clients."
- David H.

"Just want to thank you for your quick attention to the removal of the large leaning tree. The Arborist did an incredible job, and Dan and his crew were not only professional, but a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much again. Hopefully this winter won't be a difficult one, but at least we all feel much better tackling any inclement weather minus that tree!"
- Carolyn & Wayne B.

"Just wanted you to know what a great job The Arborist is doing in our court today! The large tree in the rear side of my unit and Unit 7 was pruned so nicely. It brings more light into our living room! The tree looks much healthier! The maple in our little corner also looks great. They are doing a fabulous job. Please spread the word to Dan, and thank you for suggesting this work. As always, you're a great pleasure to work with, one of the few reasons I remain on this board!"
- Nancy C.

"The Arborist has been working behind the units in the lower cul-de-sac all morning. Amazing to see the quality of his work. He addressed everything back here (and I am sure he will in every other place) that his contract says and that he is being paid to do. No excuses, no hand-holding, no rationalizing, no shortcuts, no repetition, and explanation needed, etc. Clean and neat."
- Christine H.

"The Arborist is truly outstanding. I have been working with Dan Marino, who owns The Arborist, for many years and have found his company to be excellent. Dan is very knowledgeable and knows what is going on with trees, including various problems and potential diseases. He is intelligent, pleasant to deal with, and ready to spend time on explanations. His prices are fair, and he is prompt, responsible, reliable, and his staff is experienced and capable."
- Nancy L.